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August 8th, 2015


custom art framing

Art and Picture framing is the art of designing and building a decorative edge around a picture or art. Picture frames are the best way for people to display photographs while also ensuring that they remain protected. Whereas one can just place the pictures on walls, Manilas and wall papers, picture frames make the pictures look great. At the same time, they also help in ensuring that the picture remains safe. Picture frames come in various designs, shapes and sizes. They can be made from various materials and can come in singles or as sets. The picture frames can be found on local stores or even online.

New trend in custom picture framing.

A new trend in art framing is the custom art framing, which is fast gaining popularity. Customized art framing first began as a solution to large canvasses that could not fit in the normal frames. The large or too small paintings were sometimes left to elements of the weather diminishing their quality faster. Artists and art owners found the solution in customized frames, which are built to the exact size of the canvas. They therefore protect and ensure that mounting of the art is much easier. The frames can be made so large or so small including fractional measurements specifically as ordered.

Custom art framing, also makes use of various materials which can bring out the basics of the art more custom diverse art framingmuch better. This feature is especially ideal for home owners, who may want the art go with specific themes in their house or the room where the art will be placed. From aluminum to easy to use wood, picture frames can be ordered with specifications on materials they should use. In addition, clients can gain advice on the best material which will not diminish the quality of their art as well as the outlook of the art.

Not only are customized frames, built with specific width and length sizes, they can also be sued to generate thinner or weightier frames depending on the piece of art that is to be displayed. Thin customized frames are useful for mosaics and other paintings. On the other hand, bigger frames are usually used for pictures and antiques. The type of canvas upon which the art is also made from determines the size of the frame that is most ideal for the client. With profession advice, one can select the right frame size for their piece of art, which is also convenient not just for viewing but also in case you need to move the piece of art.

There are several companies that specialize in customized art frames. Such companies can be found in various media channels, the most common and convenient being online sources. The cost of customized frames has become much lower, and one can compare the various prices for material and size through the online sites. The most important factor to consider is to ensure that the frame fits the size of art that you are trying to display properly to avoid damages to the art, however slight.

picture framing shop

August 5th, 2015

Custom Frames For Your Memorabilia Masterpiece

frame sports stuff

The fundamental truth is that most of your life you’ve seen every last photograph, sports book degree, and jersey hung in a room. You want something different. One of the best ways to deal with being different is set up your sports memorabilia and mount it on a divider. Whether its a degree, a photograph, or a more wonderful bit of memorabilia, a quality edge fills two needs. Whatever bit of memorabilia you have to superstar, a readied inventor can look at the thing and the shading arrangement admire it’s highlights, and also makes a glorious visual scene over the whole surface of the item itself. It protects the substance inside and makes an unbelievable way to deal with show something of worth for everyone’s viewing joy. When you have something fascinating you have to show it to everyone, the most perfect way to deal with make them go is by examining custom edges.

This is the spot that the adjacent distinguishing strength is brought to light and this is where our shop comes in. Not every individual is skilled with an especially strong eye for detail. We should say that your item was the star player of the process. We want you to to think in this manner at whatever point someone indicates any sort of divider mounted presentation case. It takes an incredibly innovative individual to branch out from a lifetime of sporting.  This is the time to get your sports memorabilia framed. This is the spot a stand-out framing design could raise the visual offer of your tokens. Rather than acquiring three distinct boxes for three unique item, a shop investment is noteworthy because they can give you custom edges that you could’t do yourself.

August 2nd, 2015

Some of our framing work

our work

See some of our amazing work!

July 30th, 2015

Authenticity is #1 Custom Framed Jersey

frame your jersey with usA quality specially framed jersey ought to be twofold tangled and the general casing size is whatever you want it to be. A super decent arrangement doesn’t imply that the thing is fundamentally certified but it is going to be even better then what you had before.  The jersey ought to be hand stuck either vertically or on a level plane because it is what works best for them. Metal or wood edges are utilized and group shaded tangling makes a jersey a bit of workmanship that actually pops off the divider and turns into the point of convergence of any room. Provenance is #1 and there are numerous genuine merchants with veritable collectibles that can likewise offer you what might be viewed as a decent arrangement.

Glass or plexi-glass can be utilized as a part of the jersey outline however remember this one when displaying any marked collectibles – you do not want light or UV light hitting the jersey. Even UV assurance doesn’t keep daylight from harming and staining things. Blinds, window hangings or pass out shades are a decent approach to ensure your collectibles amid sunlight hours. Contact your nearby games collectibles store and get some information about their choice of specially framed jerseys. The most vital thing is to verify that no daylight comes into a room specifically onto your jersey or any marked collectible. Having the right shadowbox is what you need!

Genuineness is #1 so don’t be reluctant to make inquiries about when and where a jersey marking occurred. You need to have a nice sentiment when you take a gander at your divider.

we love your jersey

July 27th, 2015

Mirror Framing

beautiful framed mirror

Need your mirror framed then that is fine with us. We offer so many different types of mirror framing that you will love to have your mirror hooked up with us. We will make sure it is turned into something that you have never seen before when you get it framed with us. Your mirror will be elegant and the way you want it.

It can be hard to decide on what type of wood or frame goes well with your mirror, we will help you do that by giving you examples of what we have done in the past and what is really possible with your mirror.

July 24th, 2015

Solid Wood Jersey Frame

solid wood jersey frame

Looking to get a solid wood frame for your jersey. Sounds good to us. We got you covered. We can have so many different types of solid wood frames available for you that it will make your head spin. We make sure that the option are there for you. All you have to do is pick one and decide which one is better for you piece.

July 21st, 2015

Locking Jersey Frames

jersey framing services

What better approach to show your jersey and sports wear outfits collection and accumulations than with a framing service outline doing all the work for you? It is time to make sense of which one will be the best to use for the specific look and kind of pullover that you need to put in plain view. Touching the jersey with your exposed hands can in the long run can ruin the spots jersey and truly consume the shirt’s fabric substance after some time bringing about devaluation of the estimation of your collectible. Not all shirt edges are made alike and there are distinctive styles and sizes accessible. How about we investigate a couple of them to help you settle on this choice.

This is one of the first things that you will need to contemplate when you are picking the casings to show your sports jersey. Do you need or need the edge to have the capacity to be bolted? A locking casing will shield your shirt from the undeniable, for example, robbery, unless they evacuate the whole edge or caution you by softening the glass up the front. A few pullovers are amazingly important and it would be a disgrace to lose cash on your speculation due to a couple of pals who needed to feel the fabric or touch a mark. The more subtle explanations behind showing your shirt in a locking casing is so individuals can not open the edge to touch the pullover. more art framing here.

July 18th, 2015



What is going on in our gallery this time of year?

July 15th, 2015

Get The Right Frame For Your Picture!

Choosing the right frame for your piece is really important. We walk you through the whole process even though there are literally thousands of different combinations. It can be hard to pick and choose which is which and what goes with what but with our help you will be framing in no time.

July 12th, 2015

Frame Types

frame types

We offer many different types of framing types which consists of prints, mirrors, photos, pictures, diplomas and really anything that can fit in a frame, and even it it doesn’t fit, we will make it fit! That is who we are, we offer many different types of framing services and can frame mostly any type of piece out there. We are up for the challenge, if you have it and we have never framed something like it then we will do what we can do get it done for you. Our services are very unique and different from many art and picture framing shops out there because we can do it all, we offer any and all services because of the amount of staff that we have on board, we are able to employ only the best employees to do any type of framing type services you can think of. We want to make sure you memories are right in front of you in your home and that they have the best possible frame for it too!

We want all our customers to be able to come into our shop and give us ideas then we turn them into a masterpiece of an artwork we want you to think outside the box when it comes to your pieces so we can make that become reality. We love what we do and have a Passion for framing. No matter what type of frame type you are looking for we can find it and make it happen.

If you are framing for you office or your commercial space then that is great as well. We will take your idea and magnify it and multiple it so you can have it in all the rooms of your office building. We do work that has numbered in the hundreds for a particular types. The frames we create and use will last for a lifetime and w guarantee it.

July 9th, 2015

Photo Picture Restoration Services

We will digital enhance and restore any of your photos that need a little help. We use state of the art digital software that will be an excellent way to preserve and make it all better in the end. It will leave the original untouched and remove any bad things that you do not like with the photo.

Once it is complete we will send you a copy of the original and a copy of the restored piece and you can have both of them side by side to see the amazing differences that took place. If you have any questions regarding our whole process then you can go to any page of our website and you will finds at the bottom of the page a contact us page where you can get in contact with one of our experts on staff.

July 6th, 2015

Laminating Your Artwork With A Frame

laminating services

With amazing laminating services we will do what it takes to make sure your art is laminated the way you want it. We offer the best laminating services that Winnipeg has every seen and you will just love your piece after it has been laminated from us. We what kind of prices we can offer with this type of service.

July 3rd, 2015

Art From Photos

We want to create more then just art from photos but we we something that you and your family will remember for a lifetime.

art from photos


June 30th, 2015

Picture Frame Pricing

pricesWhen we tell people that we can frame it within your budget we really mean it, we work within your budget because we know that we are all in some sort of budget, let us know what that is and we can show you what is possible for your piece. We love to be put up to the challenge of creating something amazing within a budget that may even seem impossible but we pull it off time and time again.

The framing prices is really custom to your needs, go to our contact page and leave us a message so we can get you a custom price.

If you are ready to see what kind of gift ideas and framing options we can offer then we will be with you to the end and make sure that you love the end result.

We will pick a print and a price that will be god for you and then even go underneath that budget like it was no amazing enough. We want to make sure that you walk out happy every single time so when you frame with us it will be like you never have experienced before. We are so out of this world that we will even show you want we have done within certain budgets and we know you will be amazed.

We are always up for a nice challenge so make sure to get in contact with us if your budget seems like it could be never possible to reach your goals with but we will do our best to make it happen. We really want you do contact us and see for yourself!


June 27th, 2015

Gift Frame Ideas

framing gift idea

A picture and frame is worth a thousand words, we say that if you want to give words then you wouldn’t come to use for gift ideas, you want to be able to show how much you care but by giving something more then words can say, we offer many framing art gift ideas for you and anyone who wants to get their gifts done with us. We can even wrap it up for you and do it all without you lifting a finger. We offer many types of services and this one is one that not many framing companies out there can offer. We frame the project and then wrap it.

gift frame

Going a little further if you choose our main FULL gift package all we need from you is what the other person likes, then we go out and find the picture or art for you within your budget and we frame it. So all you have to do is give us the idea! Amazing right?

If you ready to get started then go to our contact us page or just go to our framing page where we talk more about what we offer and what we can do for. Our matting services is also very popular within our community.

June 26th, 2015

Some work we’d like to share. Art mastery in frames.


We consistently work on new projects every single day. Here is what we have been working on so far.

We are heavy in the jersey framing department see what we have done!

working for jersey framing

June 26th, 2015

Custom Jersey And Picture Framing In Alberta

jersey framing in edmonton and ab

custom framingCustom jersey and picture framing in Edmonton has been extremely prevalent in view of its various favorable circumstances and the popularity that is has received. It typically alludes to the making of picture frames for clients in Edmonton because of the companies that exist. Custom framing varies from non specific craftsmanship framing and very specific art framing. A standout among the most prominent companies is the way they give the client freedom to recommend changes to the item being made. When you work with a company that allows you to make the best out of the piece and choose what you want to go with your Edmonton jersey framer then that makes it a lot better for everyone. The maker of the framing case takes a seat with the client and observes all the details down to the bare bones of the art because they want to find the best possible combinations. This is the first phase of the procedure and it is a very important step among vital phases of custom jersey framing. Usually, individuals want to go for uniquely designed box frames than non specific types. On the off chance that this stage is not good for the client, then they may dismiss the finished result and start over. Amid this stage, the framing company is relied upon to guarantee that all the particulars made by the client have been considered before the making of the edge can initiate. On the off chance that the client details are not achievable hey will let you know and change things as they see fit.

jersey framing services custom

Why your sports memorabilia and jersey framing needs our touch.

We love working with you so go to our contact page and we will get started today! We can frame your sports memorabilia and other jersey framing services as well. What other work have we done, we do all kinds of services.

After the art and picture framing company talks with the client to have conceded to the possible determinations of the project, the making of the edge is required to start. This is done with a specific end goal to evade any anomalies in the finished product. Case in point, there are sure examples where the individuals making the frame dismiss the needs of the client. This may seem crazy but it happens all the time in our industry. This is why you need to ask the questions before working with any framing service. That is the reason the need to have the client included in the venture and why it is specially crafted.  Aside from this, occasionally clients may need changes to their finished configuration. There are various motivations to record for this. As a matter of first importance with jersey framing experts includes the client from the earliest starting point of the venture to its end.  Really, the maker is relied upon to figure out from the client if there is any need to roll out improvements to the starting configuration. In the event that the client gives a thumbs up, the producer can continue to finish the task.

frame your jersey

This implies that the client is at freedom to recommend any practical changes to the way of the frame and how it is done..  After this stage is finished, the last item is given over to the client. In the event that the client had not made any forthright installments, this is the time when the installments are made. A few clients gather their items, and give there best thoughts but while different clients sit tight for the maker to convey the item to their living arrangement. When you work with Saratoga Picture Framing we make sure that we put the client first in every way and we help you do what you need to get the best result possible. For anything else Edmonton jersey framing then you need to see what we recommend because we only work with the best companies in Canada.

June 26th, 2015

Matting and Moulding Framing Services


When you decide to get a frame matting or moulding done with us we make sure that we work with you every step of the way, we will help build that foundation with you so that your custom framing project will be our most important propriety when it comes to creating art frames with you. Our custom project will take that custom moulding and custom mat and together with your photo or art piece, make something just amazing. We will take the foundation of your piece and turn it into a project that will take your style and sow it’s best features. We want to enhanced your work and your artwork so that it stands out above anything else, we also want to add our little touches of expertise to the mix so that your piece because even better then before. We want your piece to shine! If you are looking for different types of framing services or even a photo frame then we got you covered too!

Moulding Framing Services

June 26th, 2015

Photo Framing Services

photo frame

photo framing artIf you want your photo framed then you need a more then capable company that specializes in doing just that. When you come to us with your photograph and you want to frame it’s fragile piece then we make sure that we will use our most sought after preservation techniques. If you want to create that art wall for your office or home then we can help you out with that.

See what is possible for your art and for your photos. Our photo framing is something that many companies come to use for and we are happy to deliver what the city has never seen before. Powerful photo framing services. Our photo framing has been asked for over the past decade by top framing companies because we do it so good that they want to learn how it’s done. It is amazing to see someone who has a photo go from really just that to creating an art masterpiece by putting their photo together with a custom frame.

photo framing shop